MY FIRST EXAM (LEVEL A2/B1) game to learn English


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  • The set contains 300 double-sided cards (with answers to tasks on the back).
  • Tasks are divided into 3 categories: grammar, vocabulary, and situations.
  • The cards can be used as flashcards or as an exciting game for learning English using 3 special dice (one set of dice is included in the box as a bonus). Additional sets of dice can be purchased in our store.
  • Tasks from the grammar set involve completing sentences based on the given word(s).
  • Tasks from the situations set involve matching the appropriate response to the described situation.
  • Tasks from the vocabulary set involve finding three words that have something in common or belong to the same category. Each card lists 6 words, so we need to find two such trios. Additionally, if we introduce a requirement for players to justify their choice in English, it will be an effective exercise for improving speaking skills.
  • We wish you successful revisions and lots of fun!