1. Shipping is carried out by Inpost parcel service. Shipping price is specified during order placement, before order confirmation. Shipment within boarders of Poland amounts costs 16,50 PLN gross. Further information can be found at The delivery time is 2-3 working days.

2. Shipping outside Poland is carried out by Poczta Polska. The shipping cost is the same for all countries – 15€. The delivery time varies from a few days to a few weeks depending on a country:

Austria – D+7
Belgium – D+7
Cyprus – D+6~8
Czech Republic – D+7
Denmark – D+7
Estonia – D+7
Finland – D+7
France – D+6~7
Germany – D+7
Great Britain – D+7~9
Greece – D+6~7
Holand – D+8
Hungary – D+8
Ireland – D+8~11
Island – D+7
Italy – D+6~7
Latvia – D+7
Lithuania – D+7
Luxemburg – D+8
Malta – D+7
Norway – D+7
Portugal – D+7~8
Russia – D+9~17
Slovakia – D+7
Slovenia – D+8
Spain – D+6~7
Sweden – D+7
Switzerland – D+7~8
Ukraine – D+8~10
Other countries – D+7~9


USA – 5–7 weeks (by sea)
Canada – 4–7 weeks (by sea)
Mexico – D+20

Egypt – D+17
Kenya – D+21
Morocco – D+19
South Africa – D+16
Tunisia – D+18
Zambia – D+21~24
Other countries – D+20~24

Argentina – D+17
Bolivia – D+18
Brazil – D+19
Chile – D+14
Peru – D+23
Other countries – D+18~21

China – D+9~11
Indonesia – D+19
Japan – D+18~20
Thailand – D+19
Vietnam – D+20
Other countries – D+18~21

Australia – 6–8 weeks (by sea)
New Zeland – 6–8 weeks (by sea)
Other countries a territories – 6–8 weeks

3. Shipping costs are paid by the Customer.

4. Before collecting the parcel, Customer is obliged to verify the content of the package in the presence of the delivery person (courier or postal service employee). If the package was damaged during the transportation process a protocol of complaint shall be prepared and signed by both the Customer and the delivery person. Checking the package is an essential condition of taking into account any Customers` claims of package being damaged in the transport. Courier company is obliged to deliver the goods undamaged and is liable for customer complaints concerning damage in transport.

5. The ability to complain on account of the unsatisfactory performance of the postal/courier service expires at the moment of accepting the package without any objections, unless the damage was unnoticeable from the outside. If the damage was recognized within 7 days upon receiving the package and it is clear that the package was damaged before the receipt, courier company is still liable for customer complaint about the damage. If such case occur The Internet store should be informed about it.

6. If a Customer will not pick up purchased Product, he/she will have to cover expense of sending it back to the Store.